Time for a BAGAL Policy

A BAGAL policy is a win-win policy in which everyone takes 100% responsibility for the consequences of their own choices. So others are never responsible for our current position. Those who are willing to take this responsibility contribute actively to the experience of a peaceful society.

BAGAL stands for Breathe Aware Giggle And Love

By focusing more consciously on the desired, we automatically no longer pay attention to the unwanted. As a result, we no longer activate the components to manifest the unwanted.

In the book, the win-win effects of Smiling, Breathing & Loving are explained in a practical human language.

Everyone is able to actively contribute to a world in which the phenomena of poverty and war will only fill the history books.

This does not seem feasible for those who are not yet able to perceive beyond the material world.

And yet... in 2023 we will activate many many, clearly observable, welcoming changes. Because the growth of the global network of win-win focused people is unstoppable.

Do you also want to contribute your win-win? Then practice the following slogan.

"Not satisfied? Smile back!"

After all, by smiling more often, even when something does not go according to plan, we negate the return of the unwanted. So we ourselves give strength to the manifestation of the unwanted by laughing too little or by lack of happy making thoughts, intentions and actions.

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