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To shorten a long story:

“Awakening in a world full of happy people” is a childhood wish that I want, can and will bring alive… together with you through various, well-founded activities.

To become and remain cheerful in an seemingly unfair world you need a solid founded belief in the ever righteous basic law of Life.

That belief came around my 50th birthday.ste During experimental research I developed the idea that Everything & Everyone fits 100% constructively into the whole picture of Life.

Today, more then 13 years later, I am more then ever convinced that Life is 100% fair. But that we can only understand, comprehend and accept this when we learn to observe every facet of Life as a wondering child , with a smile of admiration.

Gerda Maria Hendrikx

Welcome to the wonderful world of
Generous Optimal Distribution. Welcome to the magical world of Intelligent Technology.

Welcome to our world of happy making solutions and unlimited possibilities!

Gerda Maria Hendrickx
Love-Laugh-Lifestyle promotor

BAGAL promotor

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