The constructive impact of laughter extends far beyond feeling good, good health or a strong sense of belonging.

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The constructive impact of Laughter extends far beyond feeling good, good health or a strong feeling of connection. 

While laughing we stimulate the so-called dormant lobes of the brain, which, among other things, promotes the flow of the so named 'happiness hormones.' Laughter optimizes the functioning of our immune system.
At the same time, our brain also makes the necessary connections in function of solution-oriented thinking and acting. 

Laughter benefits more than you could describe in thousands of books. You have to experience it yourself to fully realize it.
Once you've started the generally rewarding Laughter Journey and experienced the increasing pleasures of it to the fullest, you definitely want to experience it again. 

Some proven benefits of Laughter:

  • At school: better results and less bullying behaviour
    After a short 3-minute laughter session at the beginning of each lesson, students will also understand and process difficult material more easily. As a result, you will eventually gain more than 3 minutes per lesson. Satisfied children do not bully, they tease playfully.
  • Companies and organisations: less absenteeism due illness and higher efficiency
    Satisfied employees have a higher willingness to show understanding in crisis situations. By starting and ending the day on the workfloor with a short laughter session, strikes or prolonged absences can be avoided. laughter gives energy instead of exhausting you.
  • At home: extra homely cosiness and fewer family dramas
    When adults have had a pleasant working day and children have found a way to process their learning material more smoothly, extra time is freed up to enjoy together at home.
  • Health sector: less sick or overworked people
    Because laughter gives energy and because laughter benefits health in various ways, fewer people will present themselves with burnout or other exhaustion symptoms of a mental, physical or emotional nature.
    As a result, people in the healthcare sector are also less under pressure.


Can your school, organization, company or family also use a smiling por?

Do you want to make your personal life more pleasant without too much extra expenses?

Then look at the offer page or send a message via the contact page.

You gain extra time, strength and money to improve the overall wellbeing.  by taking joyful actions.
In a joyful brain, you no longer make time- and energy-robbing conflict connections..

After a well-founded laughter session, you automatically return to this efficient, generally rewarding actions when new conflict situations show up. By laughing more on daily base you shall notice that you avoid new conflict situations

The more cheerful people on this planet, the easier life becomes for Everyone!

Discover and experience during 1 of the laughter sessions (see offer) how much worry, time and money you can save by inserting more laughing moments every day.

Laughing in a group automatically increases the countless benefits!

Gerda Maria Hendrickx
Love-Laugh-Lifestyle promotor

BAGAL promotor