Keep it simple

It often seems that "Life" functions very complex. Yet the opposite is true

"Life" has 1 simple and fair basic law for everyone:

The way we respond truthfully
(= conscious or unconscious, silent or loud, visible or invisible)
on what's presented determines the characteristic
of new experiences and manifestations

This means that we and no one else are, at any moment and anywhere in the world, responsible for what manifest the way it does in our inner and outer experience field.

Behold "Life" as a win-win experiment.

The following choices will help you to avoid unwanted situations.
Laugh until you feel the flow of joy because laughter neutralizes or corrects conflict-causing thoughts in our brain.
Get up with a smile and smile before you're falling asleep with the following vision:
Give Everything & Everyone a 100% equal value.
Start from the perception that Everything & Everyone has, at every moment, a 100% constructive reason of existence.
Repeat this 100% vision until you feel the flow of joy very intensive in every pixel of your being.

You increase the quality of your sleep and you notice an amazing amount of cheerful, solution-oriented people and situations during the day.
When you are genuinely peaceful with yourself and others, you will notice that your plans or wishes are expressed even more beautifully than you could or dared to think of before.

Good luck and above all have fun with this ever-rewarding attitude, because the energetic impulses of joy signals work like a magical transforming wand between dream and reality.

"Not satisfied? Smile back!"

Because when you represent lack of joy, you lower the power of transformation between what you desired for and the observable manifestation in this dimension.

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