Anyone can come to Oriconet for both individual and group activities. Own themes can be submitted.

Oriconet offerings include:

  • BAGAL: the cheerful win-win workout that prevents burn-out and many other inconveniences
    With simple efforts (Breathe Aware Giggle And Love) still make the desired difference? It's absolutely possible!
    Increasing life and job satisfaction, functioning more efficiently, looking differently at bullying behavior, channeling emotions, weight control, etc.. these are just some of the advantages of playfully BAGALLEN.
  • Team Building
    Outside the regular work, school or living context in a relaxed atmosphere, rediscover the added value of each team member.
  • The Smile Class
    Do you feel that you, or someone you care about, are struggling to absorb new learning material or course information? Then come to the Smile Class and discover how you can achieve desired results faster and efficiënt with a minimum of effort.
  • Webinars
    Support via Teams or Zoom.
  • BAGAL tour: "Not satisfied? Smile back!"
    Interactive, playful educational performances throughout Flanders and the Netherlands. Both for individuals, schools, companies, organizations, residential care centers, hospitals, prisons, government institutions etc. etc.


During all activities, this simple rule applies:

"Not satisfied? Smile back!"

For quote, booking or additional info contact:

Gerda Maria Hendrickx

Love-Laugh-Lifestyle promotor

BAGAL promotor