Agenda Oriconet

Grant yourself with the endless rewarding BAGAL effects.

BAGAL: the cheerful win-win workout that prevents burnout and other discomforts. Weekly on Friday from 19-20h.

BAGAL = is a general rewarding Lifestyle, based on:

Breathe Aware Giggle And Love.

During a BAGAL session you go playfully back to your maximum strength from within your most beloved comfort zone, with a minimum of well-founded efforts. At the same time, you increase your comfort zone in a way that you can handle more in a shorter time, while maintaining your full potential.  Pure win-win.

When: each Friday from 7-8pm
Location: De Ondersteuning, Wijgmaalsesteenweg 192a, 3020 Herent
Prijs: 15 euro
Reservation: Gerda Hendrickx via email: or tel. +32460943891

. . .

New date follows for: the cheerful BAGAL workout that prevents burnout and other discomforts

Time: to be determined
Location: B&B Aan de Itterbeek, Margarethastraat 3, 6014 AC Itterbeek – Nederland
Price: to be determined
Reserveren:  via Gerda Hendrickx or +32460943891

or via Anneke Dekkers: 06-54344006

Experience in a playful way how much more you can handle when you laugh more often!

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page to request a customized quote.

Always with a smile at your service,

Gerda Maria Hendrickx
Love-Laugh-Livestyle promotor
BAGAL promotor