The power of Repetition

We all have our own specific habits or automatisms what concerns thinking and acting.

Habits that we often only consciously pay attention to when we come into conflict with others.

When we want to change a habit or automatism, we must repeat the wanted habit more often then the old unwanted habit. We must think and act more often in terms related to the new habit.

We need to repeat the new desired habit more often than our old habits in order to vanish in our brain the connections of the old unwanted habit. This way we turn the new desired habit into an automatism. Which means that in critical situations we no longer make connections in our brain to the old, conflict-causing habits but we automatically respond in our most beloved way.

Laughter is a pure win-win action!

Fortunately, every human being has the ability to integrate new habits more quickly into our brain-related processing system. And we awaken that ability by laughing or by taking actions that increase our sense of joy.

Of course, we also have to repeat the laughter and/or the related joyful actions in order to continue to achieve desired results. However, the amazingly satisfying results will make us automatically so happy that Laughting and having fun becomes our primary rewarding habit.

Because of the ease with which you can handle the most diverse situations while laughing, you take automatically the responsibility to think and act solution-oriented at critical moments.

So go to sleep with the focus on what makes you happy and only get up when you can spontaneously smile or laugh. Make this morning and evening ritual a habit and you will notice that your brain has turned all your worries into solution-oriented insights during the night.

Reward yourself during the day with happy making thoughts and actions. This way you can handle your daily challenges more easily.

Everyone can laugh so everyone can give themselves the benefit of a pleasant life.

It's because of lack of laughing and/or because of lack of fun that we disconnect ourselves from the courage and strength to face and handle any challenge the easy joyful way.

Give yourself the benefit of Laughter!

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