Vison and Mission

All activities offered focus on Smiling, Breathing & Loving with purpose.

The Glass is Always Full for those who Smile and Laugh a lot!

All Oriconet activities are based on the 100% equivalence principle.

This vision is based on the point of view that every facet of Everything & Everyone is reducible to electromagnetically charged energy and that every facet of Everything & Everyone includes the full potential of the whole at every moment.

The 100% equivalence principle implies, among other things, that Everything & Everyone, down to the smallest detail, contains the full Universal database (source code), as well as its full practical capacity. From this point of view, we are at every moment observer (camera) as observed (filmed).

Through various playful activities we joyfully rediscover that "Life" is fair at every moment. We laugh our sleeping brain parts awake. This way we can connect aware simultaneously with multiple frequencies of the electromagnetic field "Life". Information will be delivered in solution-oriented packets and we automatically get a wider view on Life.

This way, we also rediscover the simplest and always fair basic law of "Life." We rediscover why and how each of us is at any time 100% responsible for what happens in our own unique world.

All Oriconet activities include the actions Smile, Breathe, Laugh & Love with a well-founded reason. These free available communication tools have an efficient and very welcome impact during our reawakening journey through what we have co-produced from seemingly nothingness in seemingly zero time.

This and so much more can be rediscovered for each of us. So the very best is yet to come for each of us because nothing gets ever lost. The craziest conceptual combination possibilities are still available for each of us.

Some people want to experience first before they can understand or believe. Others want to understand first and practice later. Oriconet provides various individual and group activities. Customized packages are also available upon request. 

Be welcome at 1 or more of the Oriconet activities, where we rediscover that lauging people definitely learn faster and achieve goals beyond any imagination....


"Not satisfied? Smile back!"

Gerda Maria Hendrickx

Gerda Maria Hendrickx
Love-Laugh-Lifestyle promotor

BAGAL promotor