Having fun pays off more than many people realize!

It doesn't matter what you've experienced so far.
It doesn't matter what you've believed or distrusted so far.
It were all inevitable and/or necessary experiences to make us aware of our own impact related to those events and/or experiences.
Everything proceeds at any time perfectly according the ko(s)misch plan, even when we temporarily experience it very differently. 'Life' is a win-win experiment in which the seemingly destructive also has a constructive function.
The choice is ours to activate our willigness to discover that win-win in everything and everyone.

Every moment is an appropriate moment to qualify yourself for the most amazing, blissful win-win experiences a human being can imagine.
As soon as we decide to make a habit of the attitude:
'pleasure before work' instead of 'work first and then pleasure'
we activate a completely different experience field and/or environment.
Having fun is, among other things, mind-expanding whereby we use of our brain capacities, as well our full talents more optimal. This makes everything, yes really everything, proceeding smoother and more efficient.

In the year 2020, when I returned to my home country of Belgium after 16 years of foreign experience as a Love-Laugh-Lifestyle promoter on the paradise island of Fuerteventura, my win-win vision was suddenly heavily in question. Apart from the usual Belgian frenzy, the lockdown impact came on top of it. I had to temporarily shelve my plans to give workshops and interactive lectures because of the ban on physical events.

Fortunately, I am a woman of 12 stiles and 13 luck which, to my own surprise, led me to be considered for a commercial job with a legal publishing company. Of course, this brought with it the necessary stress-related adjustment symptoms.
As a result, I was temporarily well outside my comfort zone and therefore temporarily out of my beloved "fun before work" mode.
In this workplace, the "work first and then have fun" rule was applied.
Or specifically, "sell first and then have fun".
Fortunately, we were soon required by the government to work from home which allowed me to test out my beloved win-win formula in my own way. And it paid off ... it paid off more and more as I was able to convince my supervisor through my results that my, for them atypical, approach did work. I became anno 2021, as the company's pre-digital grandmother, top-seller of digital tools where in mid-2020 I had only 0.0 knowledge on the subject.

So what were my simple yet effective tactics?
Prior to each sales call, I opened the client or potential client's data sheet. When I felt resistance and felt my sense of joy (and consequently my self-confidence) drop, I postponed the conversation. Then I either did some online research, or went to a previously successful interaction in my mind, or in extreme need I contacted my coach for an extra tip or encouragement.

And yes, sometimes I would just go do something totally different that had nothing to do with my job to lower the obstructive tension level. As a result, I became more joyful, self-confident and calm. It only increased my courage and eagerness to achieve the desired results. And the results didn't lie.

It will sound crazy to some people but very often I knew in advance whether I would make the sale or not. The more fun I had "being allowed to be part" of the most wacky team I ever worked with, the smoother my conversations went and the more often I sold.

Have I handled everything perfectly according to company rules? No!
Have I ignored my responsibility by putting fun before work? Absolutely not!
Because while having fun, it is and always will be my intention to take full responsibility and/or accountability according to the hoped-for results.

Having fun = taking 100% responsibility!

Wel, tijdens het plezier maken activeren we ons volle brein potentieel waardoor we sneller mogelijkheden zien én benutten. Gelijktijdig activeren we extra stoffen die onder andere ons zelfvertrouwen, onze verantwoordelijksheidszin, onze loyaliteit alsook onze pijn en emotie regulerende capaciteiten enz. verhogen.

Having fun allows us to handle much more in a shorter period of time than if we start a task or assignment seriously, and seemingly more likely to succeed. The win-win sequence of "fun-making=record-benefits-enforcing" really never stops.

So in mid-2022, I decided, intensely THANKFUL, to trade the security of a job in legal publishing for the challenge of self-employment.
My primal call, to actively contribute to a joyously peaceful world, became so strong that even this "crazy-best-team-ever" could not keep me in the house. Still Love you guys!

Would you also like to discover how to discover, activate and concretely use your full potential?
Then come to the weekly fun BAGAL win-win workout: see Agenda
Or send an email for a course tailored to your/your needs via the contact page: https://oriconet.com/en/contact/

Fun AND Success Guaranteed!

For now and later roguish greetings from me

Gerda Maria Hendrickx
Love-Laugh-Lifestyle promotor

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