BAGAL: Increase your level of self-confidence

It is not enough just to read about, or watch or listen to that what benefits us.

It is necessary to put rewarding words into practice on a daily basis.

Make a party every day of repeating rewarding BAGAL exercises. (BAGAL = Breathe Aware Giggle And Love)

By breathing in and out more consciously and at the same time pulling up the corners of the mouth, we activate an abundance of substances that not only benefit our immune system but also increase our degree of happiness, peace-lovingness and self-confidence.

In 1 week you will notice already the difference in yourself. You dare to take more action, you can also handle more and therefore you want to take even more action for happy making challenges.

Involve friends, colleagues and even strangers playful for BAGAL actions. Dare to come up with new exercises and share them with others through your beloved channels.

No matter what others think of your approach, it is important that you enjoy it and that you feel better than ever before.

And I give absolute guarantee of improvement of your general well-being because I am, along with thousands of other people, the living proof that daily BAGALLEN pays more than you can describe in thousands of books.

Enjoy the enjoyment and let me know if you would like to practice together.

Joyful greetings from me,

Gerda Maria

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