The simultaneous student-teacher mastership

No matter how different we look, no matter how different we react, no matter how smart or how stupid we seem to be... Yet we are 100% equal to each other at every moment. Differences are therefore an illusion that we can experience as absolute reality.
Verschillen zijn dus een illusie die wij als absolute werkelijkheid kunnen ervaren.

Look at 'Life' from a totally different perspective than you are used to. Imagine that we are in a simulator in which we experience virtual interactions as real. Assume that every visible and invisible element/specimen can be traced back to a remote controlled hologram. Then assume that each hologram contains the complete authentic Universal source code and that each hologram is only controlled and operated through its own actions and reactions via the Universal primordial source.
Ga er vervolgens van uit dat élk hologram de volledige authentieke Universele broncode in zich huisvest en dat élk hologram enkel via de eigen acties en reacties via de Universele oerbron gestuurd en bediend wordt.

So realize that we have at every moment as much to learn from the seemingly less talented or the seemingly uniformed one. Also realize that the holograms that manifest as apparently dead matter (rocks, grains of sand, utensils such as the teapot or salt cellar, etc.) are endowed with an equivalent intelligence capacity as the most intelligent or wisest person in your opinion.

So don't be fooled by what you only see with the naked eye. Open yourself up in full confidence, as an inquisitive child, to the insanely win-win grounded experiment you are participating in. Yes, even when you think you have already discovered, experienced or proven everything. The most amazing transformations are really yet to come for each and every one of us.

So realize that others are never responsible for what goes on in our world. Because... after all, it is ALWAYS between ourselves and the primordial source. Yes, even when it seems that we are being controlled or manipulated by other holograms, yes also when it seems proven that others thwart us over and over again. They are only the self-activated holographic manifestations that are flawlessly reflected by the primordial source in what you experience as your world.

Therefore, with every apparent irregularity or injustice, ask yourself the following: "what can, may, should or do I want to learn from this?" By asking this question, you activate the answers through the primal source that strengthen your win-win vision and associated trust. "What can, may, should I or do I want to learn from this?" By asking this question, you activate the answers through the primal source that strengthen your win-win vision and associated trust.

Realize that the primal source serves us at every moment exactly according to our own attitude (belief) of that moment. So you activate yourself your proverbial heaven or hell at every moment.

Through BAGAL exercises, you make a request to the primordial source to gain insight into the programmed pitfalls in the script of 'Life'. You'll notice that the apparent errors are/were only a reflection of your own lack of awareness at that time.

For now and later:
Smile for the sake of the chaos you have activated and Breathe yourself aware Loveful, (playfully, lightheartedly and peacefully) through the insanely sophisticated experiential fields of 'Life'.

The Glass is ALWAYS Full for those who let themselves Bagallend be moved by 'Life'

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