The Impact of Joy

The Impact of Joy

As mentioned earlier, we are every single moment responsible for what goes on in our world. This means that we have at any moment the power to change the character of our environment.

Others are never responsible for what goes on in our world. They are the result of our own conscious and unconscious choices. So they reflect the sum of our inner truthfulness. And believe me, we make quite a lot unconscious choices. Therefore it often seem that this belief or vision is not correct.

Please note, not choosing is also making a choice. If we do not make a clear choice ourselves, we automatically follow the elective flow of the majority.

When we do not realize how we function in the whole, we make choices based on what we have learned through others or through our own limited experiences. Then we make choices based on what we can perceive or comprehend with our limited 5-sensory ability. This will initially inevitably lead to unwanted situations in which our sense of joy decreases. As a result, we automatically end up in a state of being where we can no longer use the full potential of our perception.

While smiling, we activate sleeping brain parts, therefore we can perceive, comprehend and understand more widely. Our long-term memory is stimulated, our ability to believe automatically increases. We activate our internal canabis system, we open our internal pharmacy with anti-depresives etc.

Short said... whatever we experience or perceive in our current world, it is the result of our previous states of being. As soon we focus aware on happy making thoughts, we will feel the need for happy making actions. When we hold on to live the happy way we will automatically see our world turn into a crazy pleasant world for everyone.

It sounds initialy to crazy to be true, but the many many laughter experiments have proven their effects of overall wellbeing. It seems too simple to be true.

And yet... the solutions to all our conflicts are both literally and figuratively right under our noses.

Not satisfied? Smile back! To be continued...

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